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The Green Spot is not just a vegetarian restaurant for non-vegetarians. Hidden in the neighborhood of Barceloneta, you will fall in love with it for its healthy, tasty and colorful food, and for its privileged location close to the sea. An endless brightness invades the space where chef Marcelino Jiménez and the vegetarian cuisine consultant Julia Kleinst welcome you. The restaurant is decorated with Nordic and Mediterranean ingredients, and even with a jungle twist. You will breathe multiculturalism, both in the dishes and in the environment, which will make you want to stay all afternoon.

Interviewer: SLOWKIND Photographer: ELI APEZTEGUIA

How is your kitchen defined?


The idea of The Green Spot is to offer a vegetarian cuisine for everyone; vegetarians and vegans but also for non-vegetarians, people who eat meat. We don’t want to put ourselves limitations or barriers, we just want to make really good food. We are sure that we have to work with raw materials, high quality products and ingredients and almost all sauces, breads, herbal mixtures, desserts, etc are homemade. We want to surprise customers with a very broad and innovative offer, with different combinations, with flavors and cooking techniques that we adapt from every country. We offer dishes made with love and, very important for us, healthy dishes full of flavor; not because they are healthy they have to be boring!


The city has a great gastronomic offer, what makes you different from the rest?


I think there’s nothing similar in Barcelona, because this city has a great gastronomic offer but its mainly traditional cuisine. We are a vegetarian restaurant for all kinds of customers, we try to be very special in every way, we are located in a beautiful place, we are a restaurant where everything is done with style and love, which serves food in a handmade tableware and cold pressed organic juices (Loup & Filles), which very often offers live music, which has a special kitchen with a firewood oven and high-quality products…


Why did you choose the Barceloneta neighborhood?


It’s a neighborhood that reflects very well our restaurant’s philosophy. It’s very international, with people from all over the world, but also from here, with a very open and easygoing attitude that we also wanted to translate to the restaurant’s atmosphere. In the same way, our cuisine has products and flavors from all over the world: India, Latin America, northern Europe and obviously from the Mediterranean countries: Spain, Italy, Greece…

Barcelona combines personality and character with the added bonus of having beaches and being open to the sea.


You don’t know Barcelona if you haven’t been…?


At the beach! Barcelona is a city with many tourist attractions but, unlike cities like Paris, London, Berlin… it combines personality and character with the added bonus of having beaches and being open to the sea. I love going to work in the mornings and see a boy on his bike with his surfboard.


What do you associate Barcelona with?


A mix of cultures, people from all over the world… a very diverse gastronomy, different styles of architecture, great artists like Gaudí, Miró and Picasso, sun, beaches and very good vibes!

We would like to thank Julia, Marcelino and Ivet from The Green Spot for the time they have shared with us for this interview.

The Green Spot
Calle de la Reina Cristina 12, 08003 Barcelona
t.  +34 938 02 55 65

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