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Espai Joliu is a plant concept store, coffee shop and art gallery. This hybrid is born out of the creativity of Lucia, its promoter. The wooden boxes and plants at the entrance make you want to see what's hiding inside. And, in addition to buying a cactus, you can spend some time discovering independent publications and browsing sheets of emerging illustrators as you savor one of their delicious homemade cakes. In this already not so secret place of Poblenou, one breathes an atmosphere that invites to get inspired.

Interviewer: SLOWKIND Photographer: ELI APEZTEGUIA

Lucía, can you explain us what is Espai Joliu and how does the project emerge?


After finishing my degree in design at Elisava school I lived in Berlin, where I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to creativity in a different way. Luckily, a lot of people did their part to make Joliu real: family, friends… We are a Plant Concept Store, Coffee Shop and Art Gallery.


What do you think this new cafeteria concept store brings to the city?


We greatly enhance independent illustration, editorial design and craftsmanship. And following our philosophy, we try to do everything through plants, they are our inspirational totem pole.

Poblenou is an emerging neighborhood with an industrial past and, at the same time, it’s next to the sea.


Tell us why you settled in the neighborhood of Poblenou.


Although I grew up in Badalona my life has always been linked to Poblenou. Poblenou is an emerging neighborhood with an industrial past and, at the same time, it’s next to the sea. The creative district of Barcelona is being created thanks to people with different and interesting projects.


How would you define Barcelona in 3 words?


Personality, Creativity and Leisure.


What would a perfect day in Barcelona be like?


I would leave Poblenou and take the first coffee of the day at Nomad Coffee on the way to the center, then brunch at Caravelle, our favorite place. Spend the afternoon in the gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera surrounded by cactus and finish the day taking a cocktail at Macera.

We want to thank Lucía for the time she has spent doing this interview.

Espai Joliu 
Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005 Barcelona
t. 930 23 24 92

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