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We launch People with Andrea Conti and Isa Cert, interior designers responsible for the design of the hotel. Inspired by Californian style and hotels in LA and Palm Springs, they wanted to work with few but fine materials in order to carry out this project. One of them more active, the other one more calm. Together, with austerity, simplicity and that cozy touch, they manage to create works that are nowadays recognizable. Each space that ends up in their hands turns into a magical corner that invites anyone to stay.

Interviewer: SLOWKIND Photographer: ELI APEZTEGUIA

What makes Margot House different from other hotels in the city?


Margot House is not a typical hotel, it is a 9 room boutique hotel that is tucked away in a main floor of Paseo de Gracia. Margot pretends to be your house in the center of the city. Not only a place to stay, but also a place where you can have breakfast, find a pop-up store, a show cooking event, organize a business meeting or even stop mid-afternoon for a cup of tea or a glass of wine and gather energy to keep on walking around the city. We wanted customers to feel at home. We run away from the classic materials used regularly and, therefore, obtain a more welcoming atmosphere.


Which is your favorite area inside the hotel?


Definitely the kitchen! It is spacious but cozy, as if it were the kitchen of your own house but with that touch a hotel needs. It is an open kitchen, so everyone has access to it. In fact, when you go for breakfast in the morning you first have to go through the kitchen, get whatever you fancy from the wonderfully set up breakfast table, order your choice of cooked eggs and finally sit in the lobby bar to start enjoying.

We would get lost in any street of the authentic neighborhoods of the city such as Sarrià, Gótico, Borne, Raval or Barceloneta.


Which is your favorite spot in the city?


Andrea: The Fundació Joan Miró. It is an amazing work of art. I’m inspired by everything around it. The architecture of Josep Lluís Sert, the Miró collection, the temporary exhibitions and its surroundings.

Isa: It’s so hard to choose a single place since we have a city with many cool places and wonderful spaces. But if I had to choose one, it would be the MACBA museum for its surroundings and for its cultural mix. Its opening ment a turning point for the city.


Where would you like to go for dinner tonight?


Andrea: To Xemei with my husband Carlos. We would ask for their spaghetti with clams and mussels, some of their seasonal dishes and we would accompany it with a good natural wine.

Isa: To Bangkok Café in Sants neighborhood. A Thai restaurant my husband and I love to go when we fancy something special, it’s a delight!


Where do you like to get lost and go for a walk?


We would get lost in any street of the authentic neighborhoods of the city such as Sarrià, Gótico, Borne, Raval or Barceloneta. Although we sometimes like to hide from the flood of tourists we are experiencing in Barcelona, that’s why we have our particular tips… The Parc del Centre de Poblenou by Jean Nouvel. A garden with a perfect blend of good architecture and super colorful greenery. It’s amazing! We could spend hours in the botanical garden and in all its surroundings!
Also, there is no age limit to enjoy the Flooded Forest at Cosmo Caixa. We never get tired of seeing it! And, if we go to the outskirts of the city, a walk around the natural habitats of the Llobregat delta and visit La Ricarda (Casa Gomis) by Antoni Bonet.

We want to thank Andrea Conti and Isa Cert the time that they have dedicated for this interview. You can know more about them and their work by visiting

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